Why American Brandy will dominate

In our teens we only care what our hig school buddies have to say, only looking forward to that time where the clock hits 2:00 PM to leave class and go “hang out”. In our early twenties we thing about...

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The Beverage Alcohol Manual

I often get asked what is defines a Brandy, or what is the difference between all these whiskies. And all though recipe’s can change the TTB has some rules around

what you can call a spirit and what you can’t....

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The Distillery Nation Podcast

I’ve always enjoyed the creative side of things and when it comes to mixing technology and meeting new people, I’m a sucker and I will always say YES! to both.

I love a new challenge and although live is getting...

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Why contract distilling did not work for me

As I blogged earlier on the startup distillery adventure that I have taken one the road blocks I have encountered was finding a location.

Location for this type of business is crucial. Some of the things that we need to...

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Review of the Leesa mattress

You know the feeling of when everything comes together when doing research on a subject? It seems like the universe has aligned so perfectly. From getting that email that has the topic of your research to friends and family talking...

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Know where your booze comes from

As with everything we want to know our source of the products we consume. The alcohol business should be no exception, but many “distilleries” use this method to produce large amounts of spirits so they can benefit their bottom line.

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How to start a small distillery

Getting into a business that is this difficult can seem overwhelming. This is the reason why I decided to share my startup expenses on starting a small grappa distillery. I’m totally open and willing to share insights others hide in...

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Starting a small craft Greek distillery

What started in my previous post on some thoughts around business expands to this one on the more specific and the type of business. The decision to start a small craft Greek distillery has been a dream of mine. A...

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Starting a business

The decision to start something has been on my mind for a long time. And although this is not my first endeavor I’ve taken all the previous lessons and applied them here. Starting from scratch is not easy on anything...

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The window office effect

All large corporations have been a victim of the window office effect. No I’m not referring to the common glass ceiling that you might be thinking.

The reference I’m talking about is the most senior people take to have the...

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How to build an ottoman

I little different that my usual posts but I guess I can do whatever when you own the blog.

Mr. Burns

This posts goes out to the DIYers, parents and pretty much anyone that wants to create...

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My favorite podcasts and how they changed me

What podcasts in this day and age? There is something about the simplicity of audio and how much you can learn from it. Podcasts in the last year have exploded and everybody is jumping on the bandwagon.When my new phone...

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My story from crawling Onedrive for a week

I’m a fan of OneDrive, this is Microsoft’s answer to cloud storage for consumers and although it has been re-branded a few times the data that sits there haven’t.

Last week I spend a few hours every night doing research...

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Hacking the Nike Fuel API

By nature I’m curious, I love technology and I love web application security and when it comes to combining the two well it gets me thinking.

And although this is not a security vunerablity with the wearable device its a...

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Whats in my bag

Here’s a snapshot of whats currently in my bag.

  1. Kenneth Cole leather messenger bag.

  2. Asus power supply.

  3. Smart card reader.

  4. Asus cable pouch, includes USB ethernet and HDMI to VGA dongles.

  5. ...
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This is how I work

I was always a fan of the The Setup, this is currently my home work space.

By day I run highly scalable online services for Microsoft for millions of customers, this is defiently one of the most challenging...

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