Why do we think of legacy after our first born child?

In our teens we only care what our school buddies have to say, only looking forward to that time where the clock hits 2:00 PM to leave class and go “hang out”. In our early twenties we think about going out and meeting other people, possibly going to school sometimes not? In our early thirties when you have finally settled down and had your first baby we starting to look for Legacy.

And no I’m not taking about inheritance, I’m talking about the moment you look into your life and see that you could have done so much more, not just for the little ones but for yourself. Build something that you can pass on, create something that will last 20-30 years. Legacy is a reflection of someone’s inner truth, getting to that takes time and experiences.

Final thoughts

Legacy is more than just money, it’s a way of life and a framework for setting your goals and moving towards that. Start looking forward and make daily actions to move towards those dreams.


Written on May 28, 2016