Review of the Leesa mattress

You know the feeling of when everything comes together when doing research on a subject? It seems like the universe has aligned so perfectly. From getting that email that has the topic of your research to friends and family talking about it. It seems like the world is a giant ball of connected webs. They are looking out for you and your topic. In truth it’s our subconscious and the subject of our interest all the sudden emerges from the shadows. It’s the same concept of renting or buying a car, the moment you are in that car you start noticing all the other same brands on the road, its normal and totally ok.

Well my current subject is sleep, and how I can improve it. I’m a father and sleep is important in my performance and daily life. It all started with when our now two-year old started sleeping in our bed, as he refuses to separate we decided to upgrade our bed to a king size from queen.

This lead to a series of research on mattresses, I did not wanted to go back to the traditional inner spring as their cost is always very high and in a few years we have to send them in for warranty due to sagging or other issues.

Our approach this time came from the Internet, we wanted to do something different and buy a mattress entirely online. Without the issues of the sales man trying to push us on a mattress that the decision was purely made on a little reseach online and the fact that we sat on it for 30 seconds. Our research led us to Leesa (affiliate Link) It’s an American company that solves an important problem. They decided to build an all American mattress for a better sleep, they don’t offer many options they simply build a single mattress and that is your only choise, simple.

Sleep is so important, but our life’s are so busy - we always find excuses to not a nap on a Sunday afternoon but rather try to suppress it by staying “busy”. Well sleep has been linked to the following:

  • Increased memory
  • Longer life
  • Decreased inflammation
  • Increased creativity
  • Increased attention and focus
  • Decreased fat and increased muscle mass with exercise
  • Lower stress
  • Decreased dependence on stimulants like caffeine
  • Decreased risk of getting into accidents
  • Decreased risk of depression

Look it up. Sleeping a good 7+ hours is very important and that was the reason we decided to upgrade our mattress and everything else that comes along with it.

Final thoughts

Spend the money, check out Leesa and let me know your upgrade story. Sleep is important, act on it.

Written on July 5, 2015