S3Stats for Amazon S3 Analytics

Since I recently launched the Distillery Nation Podcast I was in need for an analytics solution to view statistics for usage of the podcast. Amazon S3 does provide the ability to this with their PowerShell for AWS but it’s not very user friendly when you want some quick and visual numbers.

This is where S3stats.com came into play.

Using their setup tool I was able to hook to my S3 bucket where my podcast is hosted and almost immediately S3Stats started pulling numbers on the number of hits per file. This allows me to quickly view what my top podcast files are, how many hits they get (total) not just from iTunes but from sites like Sound Cloud, Stitcher radio etc.

Overall S3Stats is very easy to setup and use on a daily basis, and they were able to offer this service as part their Cheap Bastard Plan!

Final thoughts

So if you are using S3 for your hosting, give S3Stats a try and you won’t regret it.


Written on October 5, 2015