The Distillery Nation Podcast

I’ve always enjoyed the creative side of things and when it comes to mixing technology and meeting new people, I’m a sucker and I will always say YES! to both.

I love a new challenge and although live is getting busy adding a podcast into the mix will certainly not make thing easier. But it was overdue and I had to follow through with my idea.

The Distillery Nation Podcast

The idea was to create a podcast that tells the story of starting up with a business and specifically a distillery and in addition try to get advice and de-construct the minds behind other successful distillers with the goal of getting to know the people at a more personal level and help me, and the audience grow.

So The Distillery Nation Podcast came to life, a podcast created by me to represent and tell that story a story behind the craft distilling movement and the distilleries that make it.

Feel free to go over at iTunes give it a listen and leave a review, they mean alot and I read every single one of them.

Final thoughts

Follow your gut and as Sir Richard Branson would say: Screw It, Let’s Do It!


Written on September 17, 2015