Starting a small craft Greek distillery

What started in my previous post on some thoughts around business expands to this one on the more specific and the type of business. The decision to start a small craft Greek distillery has been a dream of mine. A dream that was in my subconscious for a long time but only recently came to life.

Here’s what the Mastrogiannis Distillery Logo looks like:

Mastrogiannis Distillery

The idea in the beginning seemed very rough but also felt very mature and well rounded. It was like it was waiting, it knew the right time was not ready, waiting for the right queue from my brain, my experiences and my life. Humans are full of ideas, but when something this emotionally and physiologically comes around you know that is time to act.

The decision to commit to something as big like this came at a great risk, risk I’m willing to take and I’m all in. As the fact that there is no Greek distillery in the States to bring the history and uniqueness of Greece alive is a shame. I will be writing a series over the next few months on the struggles, wins and what it take to start from Zero to One.

Final thoughts

We are currently busy with designing our newly site for the distillery, getting the right local permits and aquiring equipment and we will soon make it live, I hope the above help you commit and know that ideas are there to be executed, don’t wait - do it you won’t regret it and if you do you will learn a ton.

Written on May 6, 2015